My research focuses on organizations’ strategies and behavior in case of technology and product failures. I work empirically, and my current research questions fall in two areas:

  • Organizational learning from failure: When do firms learn from failure across products? How does the magnitude of a failure influence organizational learning?
  • Organizational determinants of failures and strategies in case of failure: When do firms disclose failures?


Glauber, J., Wollersheim, J., Sandner, P., Welpe, I. M. (2015). The Patenting Activity of German Universities. Journal of Business Economics Vol. 85(7), pp. 719-757.

Working papers

“Learning from failure across products” with Tobias Kretschmer (Job-market paper, under review)

“When do firms admit failures? The role of media attention”

Work in progress

“Biases in repetitive decision making” (Writing up)

“Big and small failures and learning from failure” with JP Eggers (Data collection)

“The costs of sexual harassment” with Daniel Sands and JP Eggers (Data collection)