LLR_1370I’m a PhD candidate at the Institute for Strategy, Technology and Organization at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich and are member of the Organizations Research Group (ORG). My background is in Management and Mechanical Engineering and I received an undergrad and MSc degree from the Technical University Munich (TUM) and a Master in Business Research from the LMU Munich.

My research focuses on organizations’ strategies and behavior in case of technology and product failures. Given a strong focus in strategy on success stories, best practices and strategies of high performers, I am curious to understand strategies in case of failure. For instance, I study drivers of firms’ learning or non-learning from failures and determinants of when firms experience and admit failures.

My work is mainly empirical, and I prefer working with large data-sets. I am particularly interested in technology firms and the manufacturing industry as empirical contexts and collected a data-set on automotive recalls in the US. I enjoy building my own data-sets and using tools like text-mining or web-scraping.